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The Journey

Since setting up shop, Blok shop has been determined to leave behind a mark. With the many competitors, there was need to find an edge and run with it. That given, it was inevitable to re-strategise, and what better way than to rebrand? We met with Blok Shop at a time when they were about to launch a new product line. We were tasked with developing a brand identity that would be integrated into their brand messaging as well as product design. The first phase went into developing a retro look which the logo was able to express. This would be integrated into their brand communication across their different channels. The second phase has been to develop unique and eye-catching design concepts for their line of custom t-shirts. We are still in collaboration as we seek to help them create a brand that leaves an impression in the fashion industry.

How We Came In

Blok Shop tasked us with creating a brand identity for them. This started by creating a unique logo to be integrated into their brand narrative. We also were tasked with helping them create design concepts for their custom t-shirts.

Branding, Tshirt Branding, Product Branding
We were thrilled to work on design concepts for their new product line
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