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About The Project

Blok Shop is a trendy fashion shop for all things clothes and accessories for men. This has been one of our eclectic projects so far. When the founder came in asking to get branded with the retro feel, we were dazed for a moment but then we smiled and said yes.

We had to come up with a logo that simply spells retro but does not kill the premium drift. After a few tries, we aced it. Finally we had a look for blok shop. It didn’t end there, we had to take this down to the products. Given the challenge to design premium tshirts that could hit the wave in the market, we knew we had to execute right.

Our lab has never disappointed. We are happy the results thus far have been appealing. Still, more great recipes to come.


  • Logo concept
  • Color narrative
  • Product Stamp
  • Product branding concepts
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