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digital marketers in Kenya

What makes the best digital marketers in Kenya?

Digital marketing involves much more than just having a Facebook page or an Instagram account. It takes numerous skills to make a great digital marketer. With the digital world being so fast paced, digital marketers have to perfect their skills…


Digital marketing in Kenya and how to be successful at it

Digital marketing in Kenya is working for small to large businesses. For a fact, any business needs to be seen, read about, talked about, and really heard before they can make some serious headway in terms of sales. Think of digital…

brand messaging

Brand Messaging Pillars to Aid Marketing Consistency

Brand messaging pillars are a good aid for marketing consistency. Being consistent in marketing gives the impression that you know what you are doing. Given, messaging pillars act as a guide to ensure that all your marketing messages are aligned.…

brand platform

Brand Platform: Your Gateway to Excellent Brand Messaging

Identifying your brand platform is important for brand messaging. A good foundation goes way up on the list of what you need for the success of your business. And as such, brand platforms are at the very foundation of brand…

effective communication

Effective communication towards a healthy bottom line

Engaging effective communication is necessary for the bottom line. In business it is always about the bottom line, whether you are just starting out or have been in it for some time. What is a bottom-line? In business, this is…

influencer marketing, influencers, branding strategy, witflair, communications, social media

Influencer Marketing for your Branding Strategy

Using Influencer Marketing in your Branding Strategy is a good idea. Influencer marketing is a growing trend among brands that are using influential personalities to promote the brand, its products and services. This simply means getting a prominent person to…

branding budget, budget plan, branding strategy

Branding Budget: Knowing What to Prioritize

How should brands plan for their branding budget? For starters, a branding budget is necessary for any brand. That makes for the need to set money aside for this. Branding is about the perceived value your customers and potential customers…

mobile user interaction

Mobile User Interaction: A Necessary Conversation for Brands

Should mobile user interaction be a priority for brand managers? User experience is a big driver of the way customers are consuming content. Consumers are engaging more with companies that optimize content to make its access more convenient. The smart…

social consciousness, branding, social media, community management

Social Consciousness for Better Community Brand Interactions

Apply social consciousness in your branding to gain a competitive edge. Brands have always had a major influence on social issues across various societies. There is no reason why your brand cannot have the same influence. You just need to…

video content, brand videos, content creation, video creation

Video Content: Is it Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

In a fast moving digital world, video content has become the in thing. The attitudes of the online community have changed the way people consume content. Content that captures the immediate attention of your audience leads to higher conversion rates.…


A Letter of Thanksgiving: You Made 2018 Great for Us!

We exist for you and you made it worth it all the way. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You know how you peel off the leaf of an aging year and are thrilled for a new one? Well, it…

brand personality, brand voice, branding, brand communication

Brand Personality: Finding your Voice in Social Media Marketing

Every outstanding entity carries a brand personality. Customers are drawn to brands that they find relatable. Just like some people have personalities that naturally pull people in, your brand should strive to be the same. Brand personality is your brand’s…


Can Small Brands Suffer a Social Media Crisis?

A social media crisis is not biased to brand size, FYI. Creating captivating brand messaging and advertising on social media is important for big and small brands. In doing so, you have to remember that social media users are in…

marketing time, branding, design, social media management, smm, social media marketing

How to Use Your Social Media Marketing Time Wisely

Your social media marketing time is critical for your business success. Social media can take up a lot of your marketing time, especially when you use it as your main marketing platform. It is important to learn how to manage…

social media marketing, social media management, social media manager, witflair branding, communication, strategy

Is your Social Media Management Working?

Social media management can be tough, but there's a way out. There are great benefits that accrue a brand just from social media marketing. It allows you to connect to your targeted audience in real time. However, social media marketing…

social media marketing strategy, social media strategy, social media management, brand management, branding

Having a Social Media Marketing Strategy Drives Results

But is a social media marketing strategy important now? Thing is, social media branding is a necessity now and no longer an option. Brands that want to be continuously visible to their customers must carefully create an online presence. Customers…

social media presence, social media, social presence, community management, smm, social media management

Why Social Media Presence is Important for Branding

In many ways, having a social media presence is the catch! That's why social media presence is one of the strongest fuels driving brands today. Statistically, any brand that lacks social media presence is missing out on meaningful connections with…

brand recognition, branding, brand management, branding agency, brand strategy

Brand Recognition: How to be Seen, Felt, & Stand Out as a Brand

For brand growth, brand recognition is unavoidable! Steady growth for brands involves strategizing to achieve recognition and rise above competition. Even small and upcoming brands can edge their way through their specific industries to achieve major recognition. But does it…

brand strategies, brand strategy, branding, brand, strategy, brand management

Brand Strategies are not Just for Big Projects – See Why

Brand strategies are for big and small projects alike! At conception, the vision for every project is to see it thrive. Project leaders hope to accomplish some set goals and intentions. In the nature of project management, some projects are…

building a brand, branding, effective branding, brand management, public relations, marketing

Building a Brand: Getting Started on the Basics

Building a brand? Here's where to start! Businesses are getting sold on the many benefits associated with building a brand. As a matter of fact, a random survey of the consumer population, can easily identify brands that have stood the…

branding process, brand management, brand communication, public relations, marketing, building a brand

The Branding Process: Understanding Branding in Real Time

Let's understand the branding process! Branding is a grey area that cannot be sufficiently narrowed down to a single definition. In trying to cover it in its entirety, however, it is simply value creation to customers. Whether you specialize in…

integrating branding, branding, marketing, public relations, business identity, brand identity, business growth

Integrating Branding into Marketing has Great Benefits

Why is Integrating Branding into Marketing Important? Branding is a great arsenal when executed well. Also, given that the line between branding and marketing is considerably thin. Therefore, there is no question on the value of integrating branding into marketing. Both…

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