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Brand Messaging
  • May 3, 2019

Brand Messaging Pillars to Aid Marketing Consistency

Brand messaging pillars are a good aid for marketing consistency. Being consistent in marketing gives the impression that you know what you are doing. Given, messaging pillars act as a guide to ensure that all your marketing messages are aligned.…

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Influencer Marketing, Influencers, Branding Strategy, Witflair, Communications, Social Media
  • March 26, 2019

Influencer Marketing for your Branding Strategy

Using Influencer Marketing in your Branding Strategy is a good idea. Influencer marketing is a growing trend among brands that are using influential personalities to promote the brand, its products and services. This simply means getting a prominent person to…

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Branding Budget, Budget Plan, Branding Strategy
  • March 5, 2019

Branding Budget: Knowing What to Prioritize

How should brands plan for their branding budget? For starters, a branding budget is necessary for any brand. That makes for the need to set money aside for this. Branding is about the perceived value your customers and potential customers…

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