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Social Media Sentiments

Are Social Media Sentiments Useful in Measuring Engagement?

With all the effort that comes with putting up a post, ultimately how your audience feels about it is what really counts. But how can you tell how they feel?

Emotions are the driving force behind everything a user does on social media. Hence the reason to analyze them to understand how your brand is perceived.

Social media sentiment analysis tells you how your audience feels about your products, services, or brand online. The opinions can either be positive, negative, or neutral.

Measuring social sentiment is a significant part of any social media monitoring plan. It involves collecting and analyzing information in the posts people share about your brand on social media.

Social media sentiment analysis plays a huge role when it comes to examining the results of a social media campaign, build brand awareness, or protect your brand reputation. In addition, the analysis will inform your marketing strategy.

Metrics such as the number of interactions, social media shares, engagement frequency, and social media influence give you numbers, while social media sentiments tell you the emotions behind the numbers.

Social media sentiment can improve your business big time! Hence the whole reason we are diving in to know more.

Fundamental Purpose of Social Media Sentiments Analysis

Understand your Audience

The tool helps you to better understand your clients. A continuous analysis will keep you in the loop when your customers preferences and desires change. This will enable you to meet their expectations

Improved Customer Service

Closely monitoring your clients’ opinions enables you to provide efficient customer service and support. Sentiment analysis will help you identify your clients’ pain points and solve their problems almost in real-time.

Prevent Social Media Crisis

The saying that ‘bad news travels fast’ has never been truer than now in this digital era. One negative comment can skyrocket within minutes but if you catch it early on and solve the problem, you might prevent a social media crisis. Monitoring social media sentiments will help you to correct the course in time to stop bad PR.

Understand Where You Stand in your Niche

Your brand cannot meet everyone’s need. However, monitoring social sentiment can help you know where you stand in your niche. This, then can help you reach the right audiences, with the right message, at the right time.

Also, it can help you understand which areas of your business you excel in, and where you need to improve.

Monitor your Competitors

When you understand the sentiment around your competitors, you can use the information to adjust your product or highlight its advantages. Through sentiment analysis, you can understand why someone might prefer a competitor’s product to yours and vice versa.

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