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Brand Personality: Finding your Voice in Social Media Marketing

Customers are drawn to brands that they find relatable. Just like some people have personalities that naturally pull people in, your brand should strive to be the same. Brand personality is your brand’s unique voice. It’s the unique story that you sell to your customers. And the core values that define you.

Social media marketing is a great way to express your brand personality to your followers. You are in complete control of how customers perceive you. Building a brand personality on social media gives your followers a reason to keep following you and believing in your brand.

Ways you can create the right brand personality include:

Speaking directly to your target customers.

Your social media marketing strategy should already state clearly who your target customers are. Every form of content you create should speak to these customers. Use language and images they can clearly relate to. Do not forget to make it fun while at it.

Let your content remain consistent with your brand.

Maintain the same level of quality for all your content including text and images. Your content must also always reflect what your brand is about. Be sure to only publish content that your followers will find meaningful. Any content that is irrelevant to the brand will be a put-off to your followers.

Show your personal side.

Building brand personality isn’t all about serious business. Your customers need to connect with you on a personal level. Let them know what inspires you and what your brand’s story is. Personified content that relates to the brand is a great way to endear your customers to your passion, vision and core values.

Besides, you create an opportunity for conversation with your customers. By showing emotions that they can relate to, your followers will also open up about their experiences.

In parting

Brand personality involves letting your customers understand your brand. You create an opportunity for your customers to form a lasting relationship with you. As your brand grows, these relationships will also keep growing. An outstanding brand personality will make it easier to forge new relationships and expand your customer base.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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